Why You Should Be Teaching Soft Skills in Your Programs

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April 22, 2021

Classes and programs outside of the traditional school day have evolved. Today, they’re a vital part of many students’ educations, part of the mix of classes that schools offer to make sure they are graduating well-rounded individuals. That’s because many parents and students have the expectation that these extra-curricular courses will teach soft skills that are now required for college admissions and career success.

Soft skills. It’s a misleading name for skills that are often more difficult to master than the traditional ‘hard’ skills often used to judge students and employees. But if students are going to succeed when they are out in the real world, mastering soft skills like communication, time management and empathy is key.

LinkedIn surveyed 5,000 global talent leaders for its 2019 Global Talent Trends survey. The number one trend identified by these professionals? Soft skills. And why? For many, the answer was automation. We can train machines to do a lot of our more monotonous tasks, but we can’t teach them things like how to be creative or how to be a good listener.

However, we can teach kids soft skills, and how to do so is the subject of our latest whitepaper, The Benefits of Soft Skills in Your Curriculum. Before you balk at having to start over and recreate a curriculum that’s working, wait. You don’t have to rebuild your curriculum from scratch. This whitepaper will show you:

  • How to incorporate the teaching of soft skills into your existing programs.
  • Why it’s important to empower students to take a role in shaping these programs.
  • And how doing both can increase recruitment and retention rates.

To learn more about the importance of teaching soft skills early and how to work them into your current programs, get our whitepaper here.

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