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What Does a Social Media Buyer Do?

Briana Ford
April 22, 2021
February 10, 2020

The job of a senior social media buyer, a.k.a. someone who leads the buyer team as we create Google, Facebook and Instagram ads for clients, at ACTIVE network is ever-evolving. Every day looks similar in structure yet different in content. We each have multiple campaigns that are either starting, running or launching on any given day. For campaigns we're launching, we make sure we have ad copy created, ad creative designed, customer audiences and targeting determined and that tracking is good to go.

But launching a campaign is only the beginning. From there, it’s important to see what people are responding to and optimize the campaign from there. We look at everything from reach and click-thru rate to average cost-per-click and return on ad spend. We're able to see which creative and ad copy are doing the best, and push more budget to those high performers.

While optimizing campaigns based on analytics is important, the most helpful aspect of building successful search and social media campaigns for clients is to instill a sense of urgency in the copy and creative. What does that mean, exactly? We look to see if our clients have scheduled price increases or when their registration is scheduled to close. Ad copy and creative designed around these deadlines show a bigger increase in conversions than any other tweaks or changes we could make.

However, not all campaigns are created equal. Some make more sense to go on “search” or “display,” whereas others will do better on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We research each client to figure out where their ads will do the best and what placements would yield the highest return.

The social media buying field is constantly changing for the better, which is what makes my job so exciting. We get to be creative and analytical all at the same time. It feels good to be able to manage campaigns for our clients and provide them the results they were looking for—or might not have even expected!

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