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Webinar Replay: Exciting Activities at a Safe Distance

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March 9, 2022

Summer is underway, which means camps are in full swing. So how do you continue to follow social distancing protocols while delivering a fun-filled time for your campers? Simple--think outside the box with the games and activities you already know so well!  Your tried and true games will do just fine--all you need to do is re-imagine them through a new, socially distant lens.

Want to learn more? Watch our insightful and helpful webinar with Jesse Deucher, physical education teacher, coach and summer camp leader, and Sarah Kurtz McKinnon, co-founder of The Summer Camp Society, as they discuss and share ingenious ways to put a socially distant, yet fun, spin on your current games and activities, as well as new activities that can help you follow pandemic protocols that will keep your campers safe while also having tons of fun.

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