Fortunes Told at adTech Opening Keynote

August 12, 2020

It's the largest gathering of professionals at the intersection of technology and marketing on the west coast and it started today. At 9 am, the pre-music was pumping. I wondered if the evening concert headliner, Tainted Love (remember them?) was about to take the stage. And then, the two keynote speakers took the stage to show how technology is blazing trails for their respective businesses. I couldn't help but notice that their crystal ball points directly to what Active Network is doing for its own customers today, right now.First, it was Edwin Lee, the "relatively new" Mayor of San Francisco. Just a few days ago, he was headlining news about police conduct. Today, he was welcoming over thousands of adTech attendees to a city he hopes to transform. He proudly proclaimed to us tech geeks that he is seeding technology innovation throughout the entire city government. He is working with companies to develop online tools to improve the delivery of city services to all citizens. We all chuckled as he let us know how many of us had already offered our services to help get the SF Public Transit system to run on time. He's just launched the improveSF campaign. Check it out HERE. I'm proud that Active Network already powers the City of San Francisco Parks Department. I hope we can help Edwin succeed in his mission.Second, it was Lisa Utzschneider, VP Global Advertising at Amazon. She showcased how in 16 short years, Amazon has transformed the book industry (twice), retail marketplaces, cloud technology services, and now the delivery and consumption of all kinds of media including books, movies, and television programming. She credits three key drivers in the company's ability to constantly innovate.

  1. Listen to Customers.
  2. Invent on behalf of their Customers
  3. Personalize for Customers.

When asked about what will happen in the next 10 years, the fortune teller in her turned the question on its ear. She focused not on what will change, but on what will stay the same. Amazon's customers will still want the lowest prices, convenience and personalized recommendations. Amazon will continue to innovate around these three constants.Every day at Active Network, we're focused on building great technology to transform and grow the business of activities. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can build tools to help organizers of any activity or size not only manage their events and activities, but also get new participants and build community. As we do this, we're building new ways for people like you and me to find and register for the activities we love, want and need to do. In 10 years, Active's customers will still need great technology to help them manage the great experiences they create. And, people like you and me will still be looking for ways to search for and participate in activities they love. We will continue to innovate around these two constants. I predict a new activity marketplace, the likes of which the world has never seen.Forgive me. I can't help but get excited when I see this amazing alignment in what a City Mayor and a Marketing Maven from one of the world's most innovative companies are telling us about the future of digital technology. Who would have thought? Active Network is squarely in the middle of this highway. A time of rapid change is upon us, and these fortune tellers assure us it will only get faster. Fasten your seat belts!Want to hear more… watch the keynote here!

Kristin Carroll leads our corporate & consumer marketing teams and gets active by chasing after her two little girls, trying to stay fit and chasing after big time adventures.

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