Taking the ACTIVEx Movement to the Rockies and Beyond

August 12, 2020

The culture of Active Network is rooted in the participation of activities. It's what we champion. It’s what we do. This participation “ethos” has woven itself into the fabric of our company, world-wide. I recently visited our Denver, Avon and Boulder offices earlier this month to introduce them to our ActiveX Employee Participation Program and share with them what I like to call, the ActiveXperience.The response to the visit validated to both sides the potential and real impact the program can have. And this impact is immediate, it creates relationships far beyond the traditional co-worker bond…it connects, it aligns, it unifies. You know what, let me give some background... …ActiveX is our internal manifestation of the company mission (We power the world’s activities and connect people with the things they love, want and need to do.).Created four years ago by our employees, ActiveX has transformed into a company-funded program, covering three continents, four countries, 12 North America offices, with participation numbers growing rapidly. The response and reaction we have received with this program is beyond words. Actually…it's not. A recent request for a vivid descriptor of ActiveX was asked of participants. Words like "genuine", "authentic", "compassionate", "inspirational", "life-changing"…just to name a few.Introducing ActiveX to our new offices begins with conversation. We talk about the history, share the stories that have laid the foundation, and converse about the exciting directions we're taking. If these offices put even half of the passion they have for their technology, their industry, into the ActiveXperience, great, great things will happen. Welcome to the ActiveX movement, Avon, Denver and Boulder offices!Arch Fuston invigorates our ActiveX workplace wellness program and gets active by helping our employees get active!

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