Social Sharing: What It Is, How to Use It and How to Get Started

August 12, 2020

What Is Social Sharing?

Like, tweet, in-share, +1, and - have you seen any of those buttons on websites? All of the social giants (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest) offer social sharing buttons for website owners to easily embed on their sites in order to get viewers to share the content with their own social circles.Essentially, social sharing enables anyone with a message and a website to outsource some of the marketing to their audience. Whether you have a non-profit, park and rec agency, campus recreation department or any other type of community organization, you probably have news, articles, programs, events and more to spread. Social sharing is the easiest way to turn your website visitors into your marketers and enable "word of mouse" (online word of mouth).

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How Can I Use It?

  • On your blog - If you write articles, allow your readers to share them through social sharing buttons.
  • On your news page - If you offer news from around your community, allow readers to share the news with sharing buttons.
  • On your registration pages - If you offer classes, events, programs, and camps, let interested visitors share those pages with their social networks.
  • After someone registers - If someone registers, allow them to share on Facebook, Twitter and other networks that they've registered for your program or event.

As you know, people trust their friends more than they trust marketing messages. By having social sharing buttons on your website, you'll be able to use that to your advantage. Each time a web page is shared, it will drive traffic back to your site depending on the size of the sharer's network.

How Can I Get Started?

Each social network has its own sharing buttons that you can customize and grab the code for each button. However, there are also websites that consolidate buttons into packages so that you can get started easier. Here are places you can get social sharing buttons for your website:

If you want to get started easily, use Share This of Add This. If you are looking for some customization, you can visit each social network and build your own buttons. Once on your site, you'll see a bump in traffic. So let your readers become your marketers!

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