Putting Privacy First: How to Manage and Protect Data

ACTIVE Network
August 12, 2020

Governments are collecting more data than ever before, but protecting that data is increasingly difficult thanks to sophisticated cyberattacks, contradictory privacy laws and rising public concern about how data is used and shared.In this heightened-risk environment, governments must be extremely vigilant about protecting data. Along with the financial costs that come with breaches, there’s something else at stake for agencies—maintaining the public’s trust.ACTIVE Network’s Chief Data Officer, Stacey Fernandes, spoke with GovTech.com about how changing laws and the public’s demand for their information to be secure is forcing governments to make changes to stay up to date.Her advice for government agencies on how to move forward in this changing environment includes:

  • Having a clear understanding of data privacy laws.
  • Working with a privacy-forward strategic partner.
  • Practicing proper vendor management.
  • Creating vendor contracts with data privacy in mind.
  • Enacting governance and ongoing risk management procedures.

Overall, Fernandes’ main message to government agencies was to look at this changing landscape not as a bad thing but as an opportunity to build a trusting relationship with their constituents.For a more detailed look into how governments can put privacy first, download this issue brief produced by GovTech.com with Stacey Fernandes and the City of Seattle.

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