New Messenger Tool Saves Collegiate Athletic Departments Time and Hassle

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April 22, 2021

Let’s face it, no one in the athletic department likes crafting emails to staff and students or dealing with collecting paperwork like forms and waivers. It’s time-consuming and inefficient.

The good news is, JumpForward is here to help.

JumpForward is the must-have technology solution for all collegiate athletic departments and is currently used by 275 universities across the country.

From compliance recruiting tools to camp registration management and equipment inventory, JumpForward is the comprehensive solution tailored to meet your athletic department standards.

And now, JumpForward created the ultimate messaging tool, JF Messenger, to connect the entire athletic department by improving communications and increasing productivity.

It allows anyone in the department to easily chat with coaches, staff and athletes with one-on-one and group messaging across iOS, Android and web.

This means you can instantly reach your department, with department-wide announcements.

The messenger tool also makes media sharing a breeze. You can instantly share files, links, photo, videos and more all throughout the messenger. And, it comes packed with push notifications that are automated for messages, alerts and more.

Bring your university athletics department to the next level with JF Messenger—contact a specialist today to schedule a free demo!

Set yourself up for success.

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