Top 10 Easiest Ways to Increase Online Registrations

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August 12, 2020

Online registration is a win-win. Members of the community get an easier way to register for programs while organizations save time and money in the sign-up process. Therefore, it’s crucial for rec organizations to direct people to register online.

Here are ten quick and easy ways you can increase online registrations:

1. Send an email about online registration: Highlight some popular activities and link directly to your registration pages.

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2. Add a link to your email signature: You and your staff members most likely interact often with the community through email. Add a link to your registration page in your signature.

3. Use your voice mail message to direct people online: People call your office a lot. Add your online registration page as a verbal call to action in your voice mail recording.

4. Mention online registration to your customers at your front desk: You get a good amount of foot traffic through your offices and facilities. Put up some signs and have your staff members mention/promote online registration.

5. Link your interactive online activity guide to your registration pages: Make it easy for people to search your guide and act right away.

6. Post about registration on social networks: Announce when your upcoming programs begin or highlight a few programs and link them directly to your registration pages.

7. Add your registration link to your social profiles: Facebook and Twitter give you a chance to add links in the profile information sections. Add your registration links.

8. Add social sharing buttons to your registration pages: Social sharing turns your registrants into marketers. By adding sharing buttons, people will be able to post on their social networks about signing up for your program.

9. Mention online registration in your offline materials (flyers, posters, etc.): Provide your website address and list the advantages of registering online.

10. Get your programs to rank in Google: People in your community are searching for activities that you offer. Learn how to make sure Google can find you by clicking below:

Set yourself up for success.

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