How to Make Membership Management Easier

August 12, 2020

The average Joe may not think much about managing members: you get someone to sign up...what's the big deal? Even the gym, Average Joe's from Dodgeball, may not consider it too hard: a signup sheet, a handshake and some cash - we're good!But let's look at it from the perspective of the real-life YMCA. YMCAs and gyms that offer memberships have a number of tasks to do to collect just one member. From information and money collection to enforcement, membership management can be a time-consuming task. If you're behind the desk, you know what goes into it.Behind the scenes of a membership:

  • Create multiple types - family, time-specific, facility-based, passes
  • Market your memberships
  • Register a new member
  • Collect payments
  • Collect information you need
  • Create a membership profile
  • Create an ID card
  • Enforce facility and time restrictions, and allowances
  • Scan members/cards in and out
  • Reprint lost cards
  • Renew expiring memberships
  • Track revenue and utilization stats

That's a brutal process if you're doing it manually with Excel spreadsheets, hand-made/laminated cards, human-enforced entries, and a cash/check folder.Here's the thing: software can do it for you. That way, your organization can sell memberships online and let the customer fill in the information. You can collect payments online, too, and watch as all the money and information is securely collected for you to work with in reports. And with some hardware, you can print membership cards with photos, scan them upon visits, and instantly enforce restrictions.Benefits for members, staff and management:Your members will notice how much faster the signup process is and how easy it is to enter the facility. Behind the desk, staff members can focus on other more important things than manual validation, data entry, and lamination. And for management, security is tighter, fraud is reduced, membership retention rates are higher, and all of it can be tracked easily with reports.How do you manage memberships? To learn more about membership management software, click here.

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