How Technology Is Transforming the Ski Resort Industry

August 12, 2020

Last week, Active Network held a customer conference in Squaw Valley where customers from ski resorts and other parks and attractions gathered to discuss the active entertainment world and learn new ways to use the RTP|ONE software system. There were some great technology discussions, skiing and snowboarding one afternoon, and socializing at night. Technology, skiing, and socializing – what could be better?And yes, we discussed how the resort industry is changing, too. If you’ve been to a ski resort or theme park recently, you may have noticed some changes in your experience as a guest. Here are four ways that the resort industry is changing with new technology:

  1. Hands-free ticketing: The acronym, RFID (radio frequency identification), no longer has to drum up images of Walmart’s supply chain or the last DVD you bought. RFID technology in the resort world essentially does away with the zipper tickets you’re used to wearing on the slopes. Customers can keep RFID tickets in their pockets and move through gates hands-free as scanners read the tickets through clothing.
  2. Augmented reality mobile apps: REALSKITMis a mobile application that allows skiers and snowboarders to improve their experience with their iPhones. By pointing their phones at the mountain, visitors can see marked trails and with geo-tagging, you can mark important locations like your car or a ski pole that fell of the lift. On top of that, people can take pictures and share their experience on Facebook or Twitter
  3. Multiple places for consumers to buy: Every consumer is different. To meet these needs, resorts and parks can offer ways for people to buy online, on their phones, on-site through kiosks, and everywhere in between.
  4. Area-wide charges: No longer do you have to write a check for rentals, use cash for the burger at lunch, and credit card for the tickets. Area-wide charges like retail, rentals, food and beverage, can now be charged through a consumer’s ticket (lift ticket, wristband, RFID card, or a ticket on their smartphones).

It’s an exciting time for the resort world. As technology evolves, we’re proud to have the RTP|ONE software on our side. Have you noticed changes in your skiing experience? Tell me below.Henry O’Loughlin has a way with words and gets active by playing basketball and volleyball, surfing San Diego beaches and traveling as often as possible.

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