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August 12, 2020

Our motley crew of 10+ Active Network volunteers attended an inspired TEDx presentation last month here in San Diego. It sparked something in me.Sometimes, “changing the world,” can seem like an insurmountable and ambiguous idea. How can I, just one small person, truly change the world? At TEDx, I saw proof that change doesn’t have to be impossible.We listened to the story of a group of kids in a small, rural village in India. This village had never been mapped and, in fact, if you look on a Google map, it is a blank spot. The kids took it upon themselves to go street by street and home by home to map out the village they lived in, all in the efforts to help improve polio vaccination tracking. With an estimated 150,000 cases of polio recorded in 1985, BBC News deemed India the “epicenter of polio."But because of huge efforts undertaken by individuals (like these kids) and organizations, India has successfully reduced polio cases by 95 percent, from 741 in 2009 to only 42 cases last year. Now, the BBC says, India is on track to be declared polio free. This small group of engaged, passionate individuals, despite their age or size or numbers or status, created change and had a huge impact on their small community.Our team learned that day the importance of getting involved, because as this story shows us, activity in your community does matter. Get #active with us, we’ll show you how!Megan Lavine is a PR wizard and gets active by getting in touch with her inner yogi, lacing up her running shoes and putting her green thumb to work in the garden.

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