Five Tips to Help Local Communities Thrive With Technology in 2014

ACTIVE Network
April 22, 2021

In 2014, hundreds of cities and community recreation facilities will migrate to ACTIVE Net, the cloud-based software designed to help organizations do more with less. These forward-looking organizations are using technology to maximize their resources to better manage facilities, develop programs, and keep their community active.Last fall, in the CIO Review, ACTIVE Network CEO, Darko Dejanovic shared some simple guidelines to help communities find the right technology for their needs in order to continue to better serve their citizens.Here are some highlights to learn how your organization can use technology to drive greater efficiency and deliver better consumer experiences.

  1. Use the cloud to minimize time needed to maintain servers
  2. Plan for the future by having a way to scale for growth
  3. Understand how your technology is monitored and how information is stored
  4. Use your data to drive community services and develop programming
  5. Center around your consumer by making sure they have online access to programs and services

Check out the full article on on CIO Review: Bringing Enterprise-Level Technology to a Neighborhood Near You.

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