Enter the Communities on the Move Video Challenge

August 12, 2020

Let's Move Faith and Communities and the U. S. Department of Agriculture are working to reverse the trend of childhood obesity in a fun and social way. And you can enter! The Communities on the Move Video Challenge started this week and runs until the winner is announced on June 1, 2012.Calling all faith-based, community-based, and non-profit organizations:Has your agency done something to combat childhood obesity in your community? Create an inspiring video about your efforts and submit your video to the contest. The goals of the contest are to recognize community efforts around childhood obesity, encourage healthy eating, and increase participation in community-based organizations who work to stop childhood obesity.Here's how to enter:

  1. Create an account on communities.challenge.gov
  2. Click "Accept this challenge"
  3. Check your email for a confirmation and follow the link to submit your application
  4. Create a video between one and three minutes long

Continue reading the submission rules here...

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