Bring Your Child to Work Day… Active Style!

August 12, 2020

Have you ever asked your kids if they can explain what you do all day at work? It may seem obvious, but I bet if you go home today and ask them, you might be surprised by their answer. Here are a few responses from kids who attended our "Take Your Child to Work Day," last Friday. "My mom watches all the money....My mom brings people online...My dad makes web sites...My dad gets coffee." LOL!We had more than 50 kids participate during National Take Your Child To Work Day and in true Active fashion, we weren’t going to let those kids sit and doodle for a few hours at Mom or Dad’s desk. We had four hours of awesome activities planned to show off what working at Active Network is all about…starting with an interactive “New Hire Orientation,” given by our EVP of HR, Sheryl Roland.Our CFO, Scott Mendel, presented with Ollie, his nine year old son, on how the whole team works together to achieve goals. Then our treasurer, Daniel Simmons, had a creative coloring session where kids made their own invoices in exchange for giant $100 bills and snacks.The halls and elevators were jammed with little ones as we made our way to a GIANT cardboard computer where our Global Technology Operations SVP, Greg Ingino, and our Sr. Director of Software Development, Jeremy Thomas, taught an interactive lesson about computer programming. The kids were asked to tell the computer how to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and then, magically, the computer would spit out a real PB&J based on their exact instructions…after a few tries, they nailed it by remembering to call out the basic steps, like opening the lid of a jar, using a knife to spread the jelly, etc.Then Mike Reilly, the Voice of Ironman, showed them what being an Ironman is all about. The kids got to create their own race bib before running a race around the 2nd floor - complete with juice aid-stations, a finish line and custom Champion medals! The kids played some global games with our SVP of International, Sejal Pietrzak, and then zen’d out with a special kids ActiveX Yoga class outside in the sunshine.We loved being able to get the kids involved and we know they went home excited to be a part of making the world a more Active place with their parents.Emily Nesselroad is the voice of our global employee-base and gets active with a camera in hand…she’s crazy about photography. When she’s not playing paparazzi, she’s participating in ActiveX functional strength training workouts, taking spin classes, hiking and traveling as often as possible!

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