A fast and simple point of sale solution

ACTIVE gives you the ability to sell from anywhere, anytime with our new Point of Sale.

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Intuitive Design

Customize your offerings and track all sales in one place. All Point of Sale payments will be reflected in real-time within your Account Statement in Camp & Class Manager.

Customized Offering

ACTIVE’s Point of Sale app is integrated with your Camp & Class Manager Merchandise Library, allowing full control over what products you list and customized variants/images for each.

Offline Mode

Continue to make real-time sales with ACTIVE’s Point of Sale with or without an internet connection.

Payments made easy

Point of Sale from ACTIVE is the all-in-one payments solution you’ve been looking for.

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    Flexible & Secure Payment

    Process payments with confidence through ACTIVE’s PCI-Compliant encrypted payment processing.

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    Barcode Scanning

    Simplify your sales with optional barcode scanning. Quickly ring up sales by scanning item barcodes and completing the sale through ACTIVE's Point of Sale mobile app.

point of sale to collect flexible and secure payment

Built for performance

Take your camps and classes to next level with help from ACTIVE’s Point of Sale mobile app. Compatible with both iOS and Android, you can now sell merchandise to anyone from anywhere!

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    Make Sales From Everywhere

    Soccer games, art classes, science camps, and more are now able to experience sales made on the go. Now families and students can purchase merchandise inside the classroom or outside on the field with a quick swipe of their card.

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    Eliminate Chaos

    All revenue and inventory data auto-syncs to your Camp & Class Manager account. This quick and easy process eliminates the chaos that comes along with planning programs, allowing you to get back to what matters the most – your participants!

selling merchandise at concession stand at a camp registration

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ACTIVE's New Point of Sale Tool Helps Drive Additional Sales

Drive excitement and additional sales with ACITVE's new point of sale tool.

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Ample opportunities to sell with one simple app

Up your game through ACTIVE’s Point of Sale. Now your organization has the ability to quickly sell items such as:
Activity Kits
Parking and Tickets
Drop-In Purchases
Food & Beverage Tickets
Uniforms & Equipment Rental
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Ready. Set. Pay.

If you're ready to begin simplifying your sales operations, let’s connect. Request a demo to learn how ACTIVE Network is here to help your organization grow through simple-to-use software.
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